Back to distance learning, trying not to rush

I got the second dose of the Covid vaccine today. I know this one can pack a punch and I’m pre-emptively nervous about what it’s going to do to my day tomorrow. I’m supposed to meet a client in person! tomorrow in the morning, and after lunch I’m meeting with a handful of other aspiring story tellers to practice our signature talks. I hope I’m well enough to do these things.

My daughter is home until next Friday – her whole class is in distance learning for a lonnnng time – and there are three, maybe four cases, so we hope those kiddos all get/stay well. So far she is testing negative, but we’ll check again in a few days.

Life is good, and there is so much out of our control. I want my daughter and her classmates to be healthy and back together in their classroom. I want to do the fun things I have for my work tomorrow rather than be home with chills. I can control none of that.

My mom and dad taught me the Serenity Prayer – God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. This letter from Father Clay’s first book is another good reminder not to try to rush or control things.


Dear People Whom God Loves,
Most of us have a need for something that is deeper than the things and people that are around us. We search for a deeper meaning. Sometimes we meet that need by believing that certain charms, signs and actions can bring us good fortune. We call this superstition.

Akin to superstition is the belief that we can control God by certain prayers or actions. In both cases we place ourselves at the center and God or other powers at our disposal.

Belief in a Christian sense is trusting that we and the universe are in the hands of the infinite love we call God. We cannot control this love or make Her do our bidding. All we can do is trust that the wisdom and love that are God are present even when things don’t make sense and are unfair. We trust that in the end love will prevail.

Smile, God Loves You.
Father Clay

From the letter “Superstition” in Dear People Whom God Loves by Father John Clay (c) 1999

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