Father John Clay
Father Dennis Thompson
Katie Walter

About Father Clay.

Father John Clay was born on July 7, 1926. Ordained in 1951, he was pastor emeritus at St. Stanislaus Church in St. Paul, Minn, until his death in September 2020.

On his most recent book cover, Father Clay said: “I fervently hope that…all of us will be able to find the words to express (limitedly) the core message of salvation and the indescribable compassion and mercy of the LOVE we name God.”

About Father Dennis

Father Dennis Thompson is a Minneapolis native who became a priest in 1986 and has served parishes in the Twin Cities since 1991. He retired as a pastor in 2018 and has been the celebrant at St. Stan’s since September 2018. There’s a great write up of his career and his Franciscan spirituality in the Catholic Spirit. His homilies often appear on the church web site and will referenced here

Writing my way through the pandemic.

I’m Katie Walter, a member of St. Stan’s, wife, mom of two, marketing consultant, voracious reader and constant wonderer. For the past few years I’ve been wondering about faith and spirituality, and I’ve been making a real effort to connect my Catholic experiences to my daily life, to understand what it means to be loved by God, and to fulfill the responsibility and opportunity I have to love and feel loved. I catch glimpses of clarity and then get distracted. The quarantine of 2020 offers lots of glimpses of clairty and lots of distractions. I’m going to process some of that here, rooted in the guidance of St. Stan’s beloved retired priest, Father John Clay and our current beloved priest, Father Dennis Thompson.

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