The priests and parishioners at St. Stan’s have preached God’s love for generations. In this blog, I use their teachings to grow and thrive

(while homeschooling, working from home and staying healthy)

God’s “in” his heaven, and all is right in my world

We’re spending the week in “God’s Country” – an informal nickname for the part of Minnesota where I grew up. We’re 70 miles north of the area people typically call “Northern Minnesota,” and we’re still three hours south of Canada. So it’s remote, but not that remote. We have wi-fi and groceries, so we’re notContinue reading “God’s “in” his heaven, and all is right in my world”

See my talk on spirituality and wellness

This Thursday I’m participating in a Signature Talk Showcase on my friend and coach Sally Zimney’s BeMoved Facebook page. I’m talking about my spiritual journey and how I’ve integrated my relationship with God with my other work toward physical and emotional well being. Just a warning, early listeners cried when they heard it. However: No one has feltContinue reading “See my talk on spirituality and wellness”

God is Love is God

Last week I took this little love blog out onto the open Internet. I was searching for an audience, so I put $25 down on Facebook and targeted people who liked Yoga to try to build a following. (I was guessing, mostly because I don’t know how to segment and target you, dear readers.) IContinue reading “God is Love is God”

Cole Arthur Riley on George Floyd

I prayed for George Floyd this week, but I don’t have anything new or relevant to say. Cole Arthur Riley gave a beautiful tribute on her Black Liturgies Facebook and Instagram channels, and I wanted to share them with you. God bless his memory.


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