World Peace Day: Peace is an inside job

Today is World Peace Day. It’s a breather after an intense couple of weeks. We marked the 20th anniversary of 9/11, which for me meant revisiting the darkness of that day and explaining our presence and departure from Afghanistan to our kids. These are dark times for Haitians and other refugees at the southern border.Continue reading “World Peace Day: Peace is an inside job”

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When Will These Voices Integrate? When I Let Them

My fourth grader’s reading teacher challenges the kids to be aware of their “reading voice” and their “thinking voice” when they read books. That is, the part of the brain that’s reading the words, and the part that’s analyzing them at the same time. I overheard this on a Google Meet call recently and itContinue reading “When Will These Voices Integrate? When I Let Them”

LOVE Embraces All The Wounded

I’m about halfway through the audio version of Roxanne Gay’s memoir Hunger, in which the activist writes about her relationship with her body, her experience of weighing more than 500 pounds, and the sexual assault that led to her lifetime of overeating. It is a wrenching story that I am experiencing even more intensely becauseContinue reading “LOVE Embraces All The Wounded”

Stay Rooted in Human-ness and Humaneness

I have been ashamed of some of my thoughts this week. I got mad at my kids for not focusing more during distance learning. I may have looked down on a teacher for imperfect grammar (like a really esoteric word choice issue). My initial thoughts about the President’s COVID-19 diagnosis were not generous. When myContinue reading “Stay Rooted in Human-ness and Humaneness”

Hearing Father Clay’s Call to Relieve Suffering

Father Clay died last weekend. I heard from other members of St. Stan’s and through the Facebook page and then email. And I took the week to feel the loss and think about it before I started writing. I feel so grateful for what he gave us – for what he gave me in theContinue reading “Hearing Father Clay’s Call to Relieve Suffering”