Happy Anniversary, Mike Walter

Today Mike and I celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. We thought 10-15-05 was a great cribbage date, and we’ll take our two points now for hitting 15 years. Father Clay married us, using the same wedding homily still posted on the St. Stan’s web site. I most remember the giggles he got in the earlyContinue reading “Happy Anniversary, Mike Walter”

Loving People In Their Wholeness

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day – it was also National Clergy Appreciation Day. I love the overlap, because clergy who help us deepen our love for all people most certainly help us support and love people without filtering that love through our own judgment or lack of understanding of who they are and whoContinue reading “Loving People In Their Wholeness”

Observing World Mental Health Day

Tomorrow, Oct. 10, is World Mental Health Day. My former employer is giving employees the day off, so I decided to observe it today as well. My daughter and I are going to spend this top 10 weather day canoeing on the St. Croix River – we just have to get our work done thisContinue reading “Observing World Mental Health Day”

Stay Rooted in Human-ness and Humaneness

I have been ashamed of some of my thoughts this week. I got mad at my kids for not focusing more during distance learning. I may have looked down on a teacher for imperfect grammar (like a really esoteric word choice issue). My initial thoughts about the President’s COVID-19 diagnosis were not generous. When myContinue reading “Stay Rooted in Human-ness and Humaneness”

An Apple, A Nest, A Tree, and A Prayer

I went hunting through Father Clay’s books today for a homily that I could pair with this picture my husband took over the weekend. We were at an apple orchard in Wisconsin, celebrating my birthday, and as we hunted for ripe Sweet Sixteens (“the redder the better”), we found this apple cradled in a tinyContinue reading “An Apple, A Nest, A Tree, and A Prayer”

Hearing Father Clay’s Call to Relieve Suffering

Father Clay died last weekend. I heard from other members of St. Stan’s and through the Facebook page and then email. And I took the week to feel the loss and think about it before I started writing. I feel so grateful for what he gave us – for what he gave me in theContinue reading “Hearing Father Clay’s Call to Relieve Suffering”

Feeling Father’s Day

For most of my life, Father’s Day has been something I’ve performed or processed, rather than outright celebrated. While my relationship with my stepfather and husband have always been joyful, my complicated and sometimes painful relationship with my dad has made it a challenging day to celebrate outright. When he died in mid-June four yearsContinue reading “Feeling Father’s Day”

Primitive Feelings and the Minnesota State Fair

They canceled the Minnesota State Fair last week. I pretty much assumed they would, though it was no fun to see it in print, after a week of canceled summer camps and winding down work with my biggest client, who is putting our contract on pause while the pandemic plays out. It seemed like nothingContinue reading “Primitive Feelings and the Minnesota State Fair”