Giving up my busy mind for Lent

My head is full today, for no other reason than that it’s a Wednesday, and there were lots of meetings – it was a normal day. My introverted self is tired from talking to people all day, from feeling a lack of control over day-to-day work things. I’m happy that my fourth grader went back to school – and I miss her energy in the house. I’m glad the weather in Minnesota is warming up – and I’m sagging from how little time I’ve spent outside the past two weeks.

Instead of cooking dinner tonight I threw in a frozen pizza so Mike and I could walk the dog together. I feel more centered and less noisy. Now, I think I’ll go practice being quiet and make an effort this Lent to find more time to have a quiet mind.

Be Quiet

Dear People Whom God Loves,

The invitation to allow God to be a greater influence in our life is given an extra boost during the season of Lent. A simple practice that might be helpful to you is to take two or three minutes each day to be quiet.

During those minutes, let go of the hold that your troubles and worries have on you. Allow yourself to feel God loving you and strengthening you. Let that feeling sink in, and let it rest throughout your body and mind.

Smile, God Loves You.
Father Clay

From the letter “Be Quiet” in Dear People Whom God Loves by Father John Clay, (c) 1999

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