Holding a lost friend in love

A dear work friend of mine died by suicide almost five years ago. I woke up thinking about him today and just wanted to use this space to hold his memory in love for a moment.

I love that he showed up for me today. At first it seemed random, but I remember that yesterday I told a story to a client about a project Paul and I both worked on. I didn’t mention or even think of Paul in the moment, but he was there. And before I went to bed I read a story about a Lutheran who had died by suicide. So I woke up thinking about my friend and hoping he’s feeling God’s love today.

I hope he feels embraced and cradled in compassion. I hope he feels this meditation from Father Clay, and I hope he feels the love so many of has have for him.

Experiencing God

We can pray about this. So just sit back, relax, and close your eyes, keep your back straight, breath slowly and deeply, slowly and deeply. Let the cares, the worries, the fears, the hates, the anger, the vengeance and the cruelty, the bitterness, loneliness, despair and depression fall away.

We are surrounded by love, the love we name God. That love holds us, embraces us, cradles us, looks at us tenderly and with compassion. That love lives deep within our souls and bubbles up with powerful, healing energy.

Gracious love, help us to experience that we are loved. Help us to experience you, the great Lover who holds us, who carries us, who nurtures us, who challenges us, but who always holds us with deep affection.

Loving God, open our hearts and our mind and our souls to the great love that is you. We invite you to come into change us to make us whole, to trust in your love that will make lovers of us all.

God bless you.

Excerpted from Surrounded by Love by Father John Clay © 2005

One thought on “Holding a lost friend in love

  1. Thank you, Katie. Words that we all need to hear and often. It was so nice to meet you on Zoom. Best wishes on your writing and sheltering and mothering!


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