Everyone loves a list: ways to allow God to transform us

I got in some good nature hiking, art observing and yoga yesterday. Lots of time to be quietly aware. Here are some tips from Father Clay for your reflective time. To allow God to transform us beyond purity and duty into the reign of God:

Purity and Duty

  • Be quietly aware of the Love (God) that is within all of us.
  • Want and desire that Love to slowly transform us into compassion.
  • Accept that we are human with our limitations and flaws.
  • Be quietly aware of the ways we harm ourselves and others.
  • Have compassion for ourselves and others.
  • Be quietly aware that we are good and that our goodness can blossom.
  • Be quietly aware that Love is not mad at us and only wants us to grow in goodness and happiness.
  • Be quietly aware that love cherishes us.
  • Laugh and take delight in how mixed up we are.

From the homily Purity and Duty in Awesome Love, (c) 2013

My daughter, being quietly aware at Interstate State Park (https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/park.html?id=spk00178#homepage). Photo by Mike Walter

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